Younker Media’s goal is to provide you with superior computer printed graphics. With this standard in mind, we are providing this specification page to assist you in preparing your files. We hope you find this to be informative and helpful.

Media Specifications
We can accept most types of Digital Media. The following is a list of our available Media Storage Devices.
• Zip Disk
• CD-Rom

File Specifications
Below is a list of file types that we can accept and a list of suggested applications and their setup information you can use to create your own files.

If you choose to use another application to create your files check to see whether the program will let you save or export the file to one of the formats specified.

Final Size: 109” tall X 235” wide Copy Area: 100.5” tall X 226.5” wide

Applications used:
• Photoshop, Illustrator & Freehand (any other application may
   require an additional charge for file processing).

Vector Artwork:
• Send your Illustrator, Freehand, Quark, files as EPS’s.
• No overprints.
• Send all supporting Graphics, Printer and screen fonts.
• Make sure linked files do not have any compression.
• Convert all fonts to outlines.
• Send artwork to scale.

Photoshop EPS’s, PSD, TIFF, JPG format:
• Flatten images, no extra channels or paths.
• Set image to scale, make sure there is enough resolution to
   increase the file size without pixilation of the image.
• Please do not compress files.

• Make sure your colors are set at CMYK mode. Swap 20%
   correction. No RGB files, color may shift
• Any blacks used, redefine to 50c, 50m, 0y, 100k. This enriches the
   black for the highest quality.
• When using pantone, use the solid to 4 / color process book.

• Please provide a color final output proof. This will eliminate setup
   problems and save time on production.