Younker Media is taking its concept of outdoor advertising and bringing it indoors. That's right, indoors to a public restroom wall near you.

"On average, people spend one to three minutes in the restroom. This turns out to be uninterrupted exposure for advertisers. The consumer cannot switch the channel, turn the page, or tune out the message," said Brian Younker.

Indoor advertising works because people appreciate having something to read while visiting the restroom.

In fact, when people view indoor advertisements they remember the ads for days, even weeks later because they are physically idle, yet mentally engaged without interruptions or distractions.

This proves to be an entertaining way for advertisers to present their information to the public.

Younker Media launched its indoor advertising locally at Mr. Benny's Restaurant in Mokena. This location makes it ideal for advertisers wishing to reach area potential customers. The people that see and read from our ad frames either live or work in the immediate area. Thus, advertisers benefit from concentrating on their target area instead of trying to reach the masses via radio, TV, or newspapers.

Indoor advertising is also the only advertising medium that allows you to specifically target your audience by gender, by placing an ad in either the men's or women's restroom.

Younker Media is currently searching for additional locations to place its attractive ad frames. Examples of possible locations include: restaurants, bars, theaters, fitness centers, or any other business with high customer traffic. The frames often serve as compliment to the appearance of restrooms when placed on walls or stalls.

Establishments that start an indoor advertising program essentially raise revenue without effort.

If you would like further information on placing an indoor ad, or you would like to know how to start an indoor advertising program in your establishment please contact Younker Media at 708-532-0059.